Jan’s Top 10 Books and more

In order to be truly successful, it is important to learn from others. Jan’s top 10 favorite books contain time tested theories, tools and so much good information. You will want to read and reread many of these books.  Because each time you read the same paragraph, you see something you didn’t see before, you are more aware. Are you wondering why that happens? I love the way the White Brothers explain this in their poem on wisdom.

Curious How We Acquire Wisdom

Perhaps you will resonate with this and realize that are not alone and others have the same experience. Maybe you are thinking, “It’s just me!!” These books are for you and you will have many more tools to use. So have fun! I challenge you to read a book a month for the next year… maybe even 2 books a month for the next year.


“Over and Over again, the same truth is thrust under our very noses
we encounter it in action
we are admonished of it
we read it in the written word
We suffer the experience; we gradually assent to the advice
we approve, intellectually, the written word.
But nothing happens inside us.
Then, one day,
some trivial experience or word or encounter stops us short
A gleam of illumination penetrates the depth of our consciousness
Point of WisdomWe see!
Usually it is but a glimpse;
but on rare occasions a brilliant flash reveals truth fully formed
And we marvel that this understanding escaped us so long.”

Stewart Edward White and Harwood White

The Success Principles

I call it my success bible and actually own it in several forms.

Working with the Law

For every action there is a reaction – it is simple science

Mental Toughness

It is possible for a person of average intelligence and modest means to ascend to the throne of the world class.

Science of Getting Rich There is a science and once you know the laws you too can be rich

The Power of Now

Truly emphasizes the power of NOW.

THINK and Grow Rich

It is all about THINKing. The word thought is mentioned over 130 times

Your Subconscious Mind

What ever you think about in your subconscious mind – with passion – you bring about

The Amazon Way

Responsibility – Accountability – Ownership
Here’s what didn’t work – Here’s Why – Here’s What

The Magic

The magic word is gratitude. It is the single most important word in the day.

The Secret Code of SuccessFrom Noah St John, the author of Afformations – Learn to ask right

 More of Jan’s Favorite Books

Such a difficult task to choose only 10 books to recommend. Of course it depends on your passion. What are your priorities right now? Be like a sponge and absorb as much information as you can. Every single day is an opportunity to learn. Your next book will open the doors for you. Again, I encourage you to read at least a book every 2 weeks. We are all so busy and yet we all have the same 24 hours in a day. How we choose to use that time is significant in how much we can accomplish!

Point of WisdomThis is your Empowering Zone



These books are critical for your bookshelf – the new model is not like your parent’s model – so take the time to learn the Lean Way