Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.- Einstein

You know the people whose mere presence evokes a feeling of joy and happiness. There are also those people who suck the energy out of you. Given a choice who would you pick?

Wellness and health

Wellness and health are the backbones of happiness. When you have your health you have everything. My belief is that it is something that happens from the inside out. Many people tend to ‘band-aid’ their problems.

Acupuncture – something I shied away from for years. Once I tried it – I was hooked! My Chinese Medicine doctor, Dr Lin is amazing. Recently, I was seeing my Chiropractor quite regularly for a persistent back issue. Keep in mind I work out daily. My workout includes a 1-mile swim and 500-600 mini crunches which I do in the sauna. At any rate, I decided to see Dr Lin – I had 2 sessions with her and she totally balance me from the inside out.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Keep your options open
  • Forget whatever you have heard
  • When the discomfort disappears
    DON’T call it back!
  • Enjoy your new freedom of movement
  • Share your energy with others

Amwell Products

AMPendantWellness Tool - AmPendant

The Titanium AMPendant Universe: Is an AFT Quantum Energy Pendant that resonates at Zero Point Field which helps us to protect our Bio-Field from the harmful lifestyle and environmental stresses (Oxidative Stress).

Wearing the AMPendant Universe reorganizes distortions in our Bio-Energetic Fields caused by pollution and bad lifestyle habits. Acting like an antenna on a radio, the AMPendant Universe helps our body to source the Universal Life Force energy and channel it to the areas where it is most needed to cleanse, charge and rejuvenate.

Amwell Products

Wellness Tool - Switch On Amgenex

Switch On

Those of you who would like to know more about the incredible products I fully endorse, you may  contact me or check out my links.

Benefits of AmPendant:

      1. Assist in harmonizing your Mental, Emotional, and Physical quantum.
      2. Assist in supporting and strengthening the Bio-Energy Field
      3. Helps to clear the energy blockages and imbalances
      4. Helps to increases vitality, strength, flexibility and energy levels
      5. Assist in supporting the Thymus Gland in strengthening the immune system
      6. Helps to enhances quality of rest and reduction of stress
      7. Assist in protection against E-SMOG, Oxidative Stress, and Negative Energies
      8. Assist in relief and fast recovery from aches, pain, and discomfort.

Those of you who would like to know more about the incredible products I fully endorse, you may  contact me or check out my links.

Nikken Products
Magnets and far-infrared

Nikken DUK Tape
Sports Tape 

Wellness Tool - Nikken DUK Tape


Product Description

KENKOTHERM DUK™ TAPE is the only kinetic tape with Nikken Far-Infrared and Negative-Ion Technology! KENKOTHERM DUK TAPE comforts stressed muscles and joints and promotes greater freedom of movement, while it produces warmth from natural energy and refreshing negative ions.

Wear KENKOTHERM DUK TAPE when exercising or under clothing — the stretchable, thin profile and flexible cotton composition is good for all-day comfort. It can be cut to any length, with consistent adhesion from end to end. KENKOTHERM DUK TAPE tape is also designed to work well with a Kenko PowerChip® or PowerMini®, holding the disc in place where desired.


• Provides support where needed
• Stretchable and elastic for a snug but non-binding fit
• Nikken Far-Infrared Technology absorbs natural energy from any source: body heat, sunlight, room temperature
• The result is mild warmth that eases muscle and joint discomfort
• Cool cotton fiber for breathability
•  Water-resistant

Cut to fit desired size. For best results, adhesion is improved if corners are trimmed. Tape may be applied without tension or stretched slightly for additional support. Apply cut pieces in the sequence indicated by numbers

Nikken – Elbow Kenkotherm Wrap

Product Description

KenkoTherm® Wraps include Far-Infrared Technology for temperature regulation. In a soft, comfortable knit blend, they support and stretch for ease of movement.

Kenko Back Flex 

Nikken Magflex

Product Description

Support is here, in the new Kenko MagFlex®. This lower-back pad has contoured edges, flexibility and cool ventilation for all-day comfort. Plus, it’s the only back product with patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology, and another Nikken exclusive, TriPhase® Technology – magnetic, far-infrared and negative-ion features combined. Apply the Magflex so that the surface with the attached magnets is against the body and the side with the embossed Nikken brand faces outward.

• Flexible lower-back support
• Patented Nikken DynaFlux Technology
• Dynamic magnetic field with greater depth penetration
• Magnetic over 100% of the surface.
• TriPhase® Technology includes far-infrared, negative ions
• Lightweight, contoured design allows freedom of movement and all day comfort
• Ventilated for cool comfort
• May be used with KenkoTherm® Back Belt

Nikken – Magduo

Nikken MagduoProduct Description

Compact, portable and a quick, effective means of relieving soreness, stress or fatigue, this advanced pair of massaging spheres can soothe aches, reduce tension and re-energize, in minutes!

• Helps ease tension, relieve stress
• Patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology replicates forces in nature
• Combines massage and TriPhase® Technology
• Far-Infrared Technology absorbed energy for gentle warming
• Negative-Ion Technology produces the same ions present in forest air to invigorate
• Non-invasive massage nodules stimulate and relax muscles
• Compact size, goes anywhere and can be applied to any part of the body
• Carrying case allows rotation of spheres for a rolling massage